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Robert J. Meier

Robert J. Meier

Chancellors' Professor Emeritus

  • PhD, Human Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1969)
  • MS, Physical Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1966)
  • BS, Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1961)

Geographical Areas of Specialization: North America, Pacific

Topical Interests: Human biological and genetic variation. Dermatoglyphics. Human identical twins. Science education, especially with regard to evolutionary theory.

Selected Publications

2005 Meier, Robert J. Native North American Dermatoglyphics: Interpreting Variation. In: Environment, Origins, and Population. Handbook of North American Indians. Smithsonian Institution, pp. 808-816.

2010 Meier, Robert J. and Jennifer Raff Chapter 4. Genetics in Human Biology. In: Human Evolutionary Biology, Michael Muhlenbein (ed.). Cambridge University Press, pp. 48-73.

2010 Meier, Robert J. Chapter 13. Classical Markers of Human Variation. In: Human Evolutionary Biology. Michael Muhlenbein (ed.). Cambridge University Press, pp. 214-237.