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One Discipline, Four Fields

Achievements for Dr. Cher Jamison

Currently I am the Study Director of the Sociological Research Practicum at the Karl F. Schuessler Institute for Social Research.

Recent publications:

Jamison, Cheryl Sorenson, Laurel L.Cornell, , Paul L. Jamison, and Hideki Nakazato. 2002. Are all grandmothers equal? A review and a preliminary test of the "Grandmother Hypothesis" in Tokugawa Japan. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 119: 67-76.

Jamison, Cheryl Sorenson, Michael Wallace, and Paul L. Jamison. 2004. Contemporary work characteristics, stress, and ill health. American Journal of Human Biology 16:43-56.

Jamison, Cheryl Sorenson, Paul L. Jamison, and Laurel L. Cornell. (in press) Human female longevity: How important is being a grandmother? In E. Voland J. Beise, and A. Chasiotis (eds). Grandmotherhood: The Evolutionary Significance of the Second Half of Life. New Brunswick, NJ.: Rutgers University Press.