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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

graduate Program Checklists and Forms

A Refresher on IU Procedures for Near-Quals, Post-Quals, and Dissertating Gradudate Students

College Graduate Office Forms:

University Graduate School Forms:

For all of the forms listed below, student should go into [], select the tab “My Groups”, University Graduate School, and click on the appropriate form. Paper forms will no longer be accepted by the University Graduate School.

  • Application for MA Degree (must be applied for as soon as requirements are met)
  • Nomination to Candidacy for the PhD Degree
  • Nomination of Research Committee for the PhD Degree (must be approved at least six months prior to the defense)
  • Request for Change of Research Committee
  • Defense Announcement (must be approved 30 days in advance of defense)
  • Application to participate in Ph.D. commencement (check deadline)

Departmental Forms:

Student Annual Checklist:

Student Permanent Record: