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Opportunities in Archaeology

Get Involved!

Undergraduate students interested in archaeology are encouraged to become involved in archaeological research during the years that they are at Indiana University. These opportunities are an important source of value-added knowledge and hands-on experiences that enhance classroom learning. We provide two main ways to gain practical training and research experience in archaeology. The first is through IU field schools and the second is through volunteer, internship, and credit-bearing independent research and teaching.

Field Schools

Our IU field schools rotate depending on the year, but usually include 2 or 3 opportunities. Each field school carries between 3 and 12 credits and most are offered during either the second 8 weeks of the spring semester or during the summer.

Volunteer, Internship, Independent Research, and Teaching

These options include volunteering in archaeology laboratories, work-study opportunities, and paid laboratory assistant positions, depending upon availability and experience. Other opportunities give students the option of receiving university credit, including independent study (ANTH A495), internships in archaeology laboratories (ANTH A495), museum practicum (ANTH A408), as well as undergraduate teaching assistants in anthropology courses (course number pending). Research grants for archaeology projects are also available through the Hutton Honors College.

Volunteer Opportunity or Independent Study Credit (A495)
William R. Adams Zooarchaeology Laboratory

Faculty Director: Laura Scheiber, scheiber at
Laboratory Manager: Amanda Burtt, aaburtt at
Location: Student Building 025

Project/lab description: The William R. Adams Zooarchaeology Laboratory has a wide variety of opportunities for students with many interest and experience levels. Projects may contribute to on-going archaeological research projects, comparative collections management and curation, or processing animals for the skeletal comparative collection. Students may volunteer or sign up for an ANTH A495 independent study through the Zooarchaeology Laboratory under the direction of Dr. Scheiber and direct supervision of the laboratory manager.

Volunteers and independent study students are required to provide a minimum of one three-hour block of time per week on a regular set schedule. Independent study students are required to contribute at least three hours of laboratory time per week for each credit hour (e.g. a three credit hour independent study requires at least nine hours of work per week). Students are strongly encouraged to contribute more than the minimum required amount of time per week.

Interested students should contact the laboratory manager to schedule a tour of the zooarchaeology laboratory and to set up a weekly work schedule. The laboratory is open most days of the week from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Availability of work time is variable and subject to change due to class schedules.

Museum Practicum in Archaeological Collections (Anth A408)

Faculty Director: Arranged
Location: Arranged
Course Instructor: Professor Jason Baird Jackson
Contact Information:, (812) 855-6873

Students who are working in archaeological laboratories at IU may find it possible to arrange for credit through the Museum Practicum course, Anthropology A408.  This course may be taken for 1-4 credit hours at a time and may be repeated for a maximum of 8 credit hours.  Museum practicum students are required to contribute at least three hours of laboratory time per week for each credit hour (e.g. a three credit hour museum practicum requires at least nine hours of work per week).  In some cases, you may be able to start your hours this semester and sign up for the Spring semester.  For general information on the course see

If you are interested in this possibility, please speak to your Faculty Director. If he or she is willing to supervise your work for credit, contact Professor Conrad for authorization to enroll.

Current Laboratory Research

Some of our current volunteer laboratory research opportunities include the following:

  • Midwest ceramic analysis (Alt)
  • Mathers Museum internships (Munson)
  • Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology
  • Data archiving and computer analysis (Pyburn)
  • Faunal analysis and contact period artifact analysis (Scheiber)
  • Lithic microwear analysis (Sievert)

Please contact faculty members directly for additional information about these opportunities.