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The Skomp Distinguished Lecture Series in Anthropology is made possible by an endownment provided to the Indiana University Anthropology Department in 1983 by David Skomp (AB 1962; MS 1965). Mr. Skomp studied under the direction of Dr. George Neumann. He left the remainder of this estate for the use of the Department. The Skomp Endowment currently provides support for anthropology students in the form of first-year fellowships, summer field research grants, dissertation-year fellowships, and distinguished lectures such as these.

4/13/2017 Hendrik Poinar "Yersina, Variola, Vibrio oh my! Using genetics to help uncover the origins of pandemics past”
3/23/2016 Sherry Ortner “Dark Anthropology: Theory and Ethnography Since the Eighties”
3/3/2015 Fiona Marshall “Animal made us human”
4/28/2014 Joel C. Kuipers “Fixing Connections: Repairing Language in the Culture of Cell Phone Use among Millennials in Washington DC”
3/28/2013   Kim R. Hill “Origins of Human Uniqueness”
4/03/2012   Jane Guyer “Intricacy and Impasse: Dilemmas of Value in Soft Currency Economies”
4/21/2011 Penelope Eckert “Doing Adolescence: Linguistic Variation, Stylistic Practice, and the Construction of Social Meaning”
4/2/2010 Meg Conkey “Marginal Practices: A Feminist Voice From Outside of the Cave”
4/24/2009 Nina Jablonski "Darwin’s Birthday Suit: The Evolution of Human Skin and Skin Color"
11/9/2007 Jean Comaroff "Ethnicity, Inc"
4/10/2006 John B. Haviland "Icepicks and Amulets: Merolicos in Mexico"
4/12/2005 Barry Cunliffe "So-Who are the Celts?"
4/23/2004 Cynthia Beall "Tibetan Adaptation to High Altitude"
4/30/2003 Sidney Mintz "Devouring Objects of Study: Food and Fieldwork"
4/22/2002 Regna Darnell "Languages and the (Re-)Formulation of Culture/Society"
4/19/2001 Charles Keyes "Cultural Difference, the Nation State, and Rethinking Ethnicity Theory"
2/18/2000 Ian Hodder "Archaeology and Globalism"
11/19/1998 Katherine A. Dettwyler "Evolutionary Medicine and Breastfeeding: Implications for Research and Pediatric Advice"
9/17/1997 Wallace Chafe "The Importance of Native American Languages"
1/29/1997 James A. Boon "The Cross-Cultural Kiss: Edwardian and Earlier, Postmodern and Beyond"
3/21/1996 Jane H. Hill "Languages on the Land: Toward an Athropological Dialectology"
2/25/1994 Alison Wylie "Pragmatism and Politics: Understanding the Emergence of Gender Research in Archaeology"
4/16/1992 C. Loring Brace "Modern Human Origins: Narrow Focus or Broad Spectrum?"
4/15/1991 George W. Stocking, Jr. "Books Unwritten: Turning Points Unmarked: Notes for an Anti-History of Anthropology"
02/00/1989 Chatherine Perles "From Stone Procurement to Neolithic Society in Greece"
11/13/1987 Michael Silverstein "Linguistic Categories and the Tropology of Culture"
3/30/1987 J. Desmond Clark "Blood from Stones"
10/00/1986 Roy A. Rappaport "The Construction of Time and Eternity in Ritual"
3/11/1986 David Pilbeam "Human Origins"
2/20/1986 Clyde Collins Snow "Bones of Contention: Forensic Anthropology Investigations of Argentinas Desaparecidos"