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Year Name Title or Topic
2014 Angela Traycoff Investigation of a possible common origin for high frequencies of neural tube defects in Italy and among North Americans of Mexican descent.
2014 Adam Crane Ankylosing Spondylitis in the Pre-Contact Illinois River Valley: A Case Study of Proliferative Lesions in the Axial Skeletons of Five Individuals.
2014 Meredith McCabe Dental Wear and Caries Investigation of the Morton Mound Group, Fulton County, Illinois, and Its Relevance to Dietary Patterns
2014 Gretchen Zeoller Stature Estimation for the Morton Mounds Skeletal Collection: a Comparison of New and Previously Developed Regression Equations in a Bioarchaeological Sample.
2014 Lindsey Kitchell The Association Between Handedness and Structural Asymmetries of the Human Brain.
2014 Jessica Richardson Diagnostic Characteristics of Southern Indiana Chert Types.
2014 Rebecca M. Bedwell The Impact of Federal Breastfeeding Policy Initiatives and Socioeconomic Factors in Indiana on Women's Breastfeeding Practices and Attitudes.
2013 Audrey Brittingham
2013 Jessica Sobocinski Dirty Deeds: Gender Inequality and Soil Degradation in Indian Agricultural Lands.
2013 Dylan Feribach
2013 Mallory Schreier My ancestors Were What? Life-threatening Affordances and Hazards Encountered by Early Hominins at Olduvai Gorge: The Evolution of Complex Cognitive Thought.
2013 Will Borders
2013 Rebecca Lee Payne
2013 Austin Reynolds Ancient DNA from the Late Woodland Component of Schild Mounds Archaeological Site.
2013 Julie Ghekas The proportionality and Asymmetry of Long Bone Lengths: Long Bone Differences and Stature Estimates from Two Mississippian Cemeteries at Schild.
2012 Laura Ciancone The Problem With the Penis: Phalloplasty and the 21st Century Male.
2011 Adeel Chaudhry Evolutionary Correlation among Birth Order, Sibling Competition, and Fetal Testosterone in Humans.
2011 Jeremy Borniger Relationships between steroid hormones, 2D:4D ratio, and musical aptitude.
2011 Jacob Spitznagle Social Status Differences in Dental Caries and Antemortem Tooth Loss in the Klunk Mound Group.
2010 Kathryn Wolt Collective Memory and WWII: the Idealized War in Iowa Life Histories.
2010 Jennifer Studebaker Testing Knowledge of Type 2 Diabetes in University Students.
2009 Nancy Livingston The Effect of Sociability in All Male Living Arrangements on Testosterone Levels.
2009 James Hennes
2008 Brett Norris Cultural Adaptation and Identity Among Japanese Youth in Indiana.
2007 Carole Goetz Stripping the Body, Clothing the Mind: Performing Fantasy Personas in the Strip Club.
2007 Charity Faith Taboas Diabetes in paleopathology: evidence for peripheral neuropathy in a Middle Woodland population from Klunk Mound.
2007 Alissa M. Jordan Salt for the dead, salt for the living: salt use in rites of transition and its socio-cultural correlates.
2007 Julie Euber Possible case of Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna and Trachoma in Two West-central Illinois Ancient Populations.
2006 Julie Smith
2006 Antonia Domingo
2005 Joshua R. Cronin
2005 Erin L.Miller Zooarchaeology of the Clark's Point Site.
2005 Jacob M. Enk Ancient DNA from Animal Bones
2005 Joshua Herman Small Farmers, Technology Use, and Land Cover in Brazil's Amazon.
2005 Leslie Coss A Study of Ancient DNA Extraction Methods and Related Issues on Human Remains from Humboldt Sink.
2005 Jesse C. Worker  
2004 Amy C. McCabe Human Remains at the Rockhouse Hollow Rock Shelter (12 Pe 100)
2003 Matthew G. Nowak A comparitive analysis of the proximal and subtalar ankle joints in humans and great apes.
2003 Kristen Demming  
2003 Laura Marciano Back breaking work? A study of spndylolysis observed in a late woodland in Mississippian sample from West Central Illinois.
2002 Keith Noah Merrill  
2002 Jamie Lynn Riley  
2002 Jessica Ash  
2000 Erica Kathleen Hanning  
2000 Cecile Monterrossa  
1999 Jennifer Brewer  
1999 Jessica Satkowski  
1999 Lisa Dornecker  
1999 LaRonika Thomas  
1999 Elizabeth Leah Rothouse  
1998 Staffan Peterson  
1998 Jeff Luzar
1997 Alacia Wilbur The utility of hand and foot bones for determination of sex and estimation of stature in a prehistoric population from West-Central Illinois.
1997 Roslyn Genevieve Marshall  
1997 Miranda Smith  
1997 Angela Smith  
1997 Cynthia Adkins Stout  
1997 Jennifer Beatty  
1996 Nikki Marie Plaster A survey of the rate of closure of the metopic suture in three populations of Woodland and Mississippian American Indian Children from West-Central Illinois.
1995 Ezra Paul Simon The Struggle for Cultural Cohesiveness in Language and Education Policy in the Republic of Niger.
1994 Rachel Weiss Muscles of mastification in genue Macaca.
1994 Robin Ann Moser Violence in Middle Woodland.
1993 Laura Gano A case of amputation from Prehistoric Illinois.
1992 Carolyn Dawn Lugannani Fisher Mound Group: Effects of reconstruction techniques on morphological dating.
1989 Jill Heilman Trauma in Late Woodland Crania from Illinois.
1989 Melissa S. Martin Trauma in Late Woodland Crania from Illinois.
1988 Timi L. Barone The forensic case from Crawford County.
1987 Matthew P. Lawson Warfare among East African Pastoralists: an Ecological Perspective.
1987 Nan Volinsky The Lucanan Walias y Pastores Genre of Music and Dance in Lima, Peru.
1985 Elizabeth R. Dumont Mid-facial tissue depths of white children; an aid in facial feature reconstruction.
1983 Susan G. Young Sexual dimorpuism and stress at Klunk Mounds.
1981 Kyle Ann Murphy Functional pottery in the lives of the Zapotec; Juchitan, Oaxaca.
1981 Cecile Sands Sexing the human sternum: archaeological applications.
1981 Susan Frankenberg Mandibular sexing functions for the Prehistoric Illinois Valley.
1980 Lyle Konigsberg The pathological implications of Human Growth rates in the prehistoric Lower Illinois River Valley.
1979 JoAnn Martin Anthrometric study of turnout, gait, and structure.
1978 Ben Kracht The impact of smallpox on the Plains Indians of the Upper Missouri.
1977 Larry Fender Endocranial suture closure and its relationships to the Temporal Fossa and Artificial Cranial Deformation.
1975 Laurie Watson Craniostenosis in a Skeletal Population.