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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

M.A. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations: 2000-2009


Ph.D. Takyiwaa Manuh
Migrants and Citizens in Ghana and the Search for Opportunity in Toronto, Canada (Greenhouse)
Ph.D. Stephen Ball
The Practical Application of Geophysical Surveys to Prehistoric Sites in Eastern North America (Peebles)
Ph.D. Bridget L. Edwards
Making the Floor Talk: Irish Social Dance as Cultural Juncture (Royce)
Ph.D. Eduardo Goes Neves
Paths in Dark Waters: Archaeology as Indigenous History in the Upper Rio Negro Basin, Northwest Amazon (Conrad)
M.A. Patricia Pitaluga
Cultural Marketing and Archaeology" A Good Deal for Communities in Brazil (Vitelli)


Ph.D. Kazuko Yamazaki
Nihon Buyo: Classical Dance of Modern Japan (Royce)
Ph.D. Olga Kalentzidou
Historically Informed Ethnorchaeology: Production and Distribution of Ceramics in the Late 19 th and 20 th Centuries, Evros in Greece (Vitelli)
Ph.D. Van Buskirk, Serena
Reunion and recollection on the May Crosses of Granada (Girshick)
Ph.D. Morgan, Mindy J.
Alternating Literacies: An Ethnohistorical Examination of Literacy Ideologies on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, Montana (DeMallie)


Ph.D. Bush, Leslie L.
Boundary Conditions: Botanical Remains of the Oliver Phase, Central Indiana. A.D. 1200-1450 (Peebles)
Ph.D. Havill, Lorena Mylinda
Osteon Remodeling Dynamics in the Rhesus Macaque: Normal Variation and the Genetic Contribution (CooK)
M.A. Seib, Daniel
The Analysis of Faunal Remains From the Pottersville Site (120W 431) and It's Significance to Other Oliver Phase Sites (Conrad)
Ph.D. Katchka, Kinsey A.
Putting Art in Place: Exhibiting Commumunity and Cultural Policy in 20th Century Senegal (Girshick)
M.A. Meier, Kristen Harley
The Ballcourt at Chau IIX: Architectural Insight into Changing Patterns of Political Dominance (Pyburn)
Ph.D. Carlson, Kristian J.
Shape and Material Properties of African Pongid Femora and Humeri: Their Relationship to Observed Positional Behaviors (Hunt)
Ph.D. Margaret Dorsey
Borderlands Music, United States Politics, and Transnational Marketing (Greenhouse)
Ph.D. Irani, Laurie
Maneuvering in Narrow Spaces: An Analysis of Emergent Identity, Subjectivity, Political Institutions among Palestinian Citizens in Israel Two Volumes (Herzfeld and Bahloul)


M.A. Beeker, Charles
San Felipe 1733 Spanish Shipwreck: A Call to Preserve a Unique Submerged Cultural and Biological Resource (Conrad) (February 2003)
Ph.D. Moore, Patrick
Point of View: In Kaska Historical Narratives, volumes I and 2
Ph.D. Staats, Susan
Communicative Ideology in Kapon Religious Discourse (Bauman)
M.A. Wille, Sarah
The Calhoun Site Ceramic Assemblage: A Typological and Technological Classification (Vitelli)
Ph.D. Moniz, Jill
Pariah in Paradise: A Essay on Black Subjectivity, AUthroship and the Politics of Indentity (Royce)
M.A. Grieshaber, Britta May
Effects of X-Ray And Computed Tomography Exposure On The Amplification of DNA From Bone (Kaestle)
Ph.D. Babcock, Elizabeth
Belizean Transnationalism: The Role of Migrant Voluntary Associations (Wilk)
Ph.D. Alcalde, Maria Cristina
“Más Me Pegas, Más Te Quiero”?: Gender Violence, Resistance, and Poverty in Women's Lives in Lima, Peru ( Clark )
Ph.D. Metzo, Katherine
“It Didn't Used to be This Way”: Households, Resources, and Economic Transformation in Tunka Valley, Buriata, Russian Federation (Wilk)
Ph.D. Strezewski, Michael
Mississippian Period Mortuary Practices in the Central Illinois River Valley: A Region-Wide Survey and Analysis (Munson) (Cook)
M.A. Caprood, Alissa
Indiana Archaeology in Greece: A Guide and Preliminary Exhibit Design for the Preparation of an International Exhibit Loan (Vitelli)
Ph.D. Stout, Dietrich
Stone Tools and the Evolution of Human Thinking: Cultural, Biological, and Archaeological Elements in an Anthropology of Human Origins (Toth)


Ph.D. Warren, Diane
Skeletal Biology and Paleopathology of Domestic Dogs from Prehistoric Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee (Cook)
Ph.D. Donahoe, Brian
A Line in the Sayans: History and Divergent Perceptions of Property among the Tozhu and Tofa of South Siberia (Shahrani)
Ph.D. Hollowell, Julia
"Old Things" on the Loose: The Legal Market for Archaeological Materials from Alaska's Bering Strait (Wilk)
Ph.D. Wrobel, Gabriel
Metric and Nonmetric Dental Variation Among the Ancient Maya of Northern Belize (Cook)
Ph.D. Colwell-Chanthaphonh, John
The Place of History: Social Meaning of the Archaeological Landscape in the San Pedro Valley of Arizona (Conrad)
Ph.D. Castaneda, Angela Nicole
"Veracruz Tambien es Caribe": Power, Politics, and Performance in the Making of an Afro-Caribbean Identity (Royce)
M.A. Mobley, Rebecca
Picturing Identity: On Being Cape Verdean-American Through the Lens of Ronald Barboza (Girshick)
Ph.D. Tisone, Christine
The Realtionship Between Family Health Care Practices and Child Growth in the Dominican Republic (Meier)
Ph.D. Cash, Jennifer
In Search of an Authentic Nation: Folkloric Ensembles, Ethnography, and Ethnicity in the Republic of Moldova (Royce)
Ph.D. Braun, Sebastian
Contemporary Tribal Bison Ranching on the Northern Plains: The View from Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation (DeMallie)
Ph.D. Gooding, Erik
Sing from the Heart, Sing for the People: An Ethnography of Dakotan Singing, 1160-2000 (DeMallie)
M.A. Ribick, Amy
Dickison Mounds 11-P477 and 11-P478: A Reanalysis of Two Middle Woodland Burial Mounds from Illinois (Cook)
Ph.D. Bratton, Angela
Teenage Pregnancy, Education and the Construction of Sexuality in Ghana (Clark)


M.A. Bennett, Casey
A Reanalysis of Eurasian Population History: Ancient DNA Evidence of Population Affinities (Kaestle)
Ph.D. Andres, Christopher
Building Negotiation: Architecture and Sociopolitical Transformation at Chau Hiix, Lamanai, and Altun Ha, Belize (Pyburn)
Ph.D. Hart, Kimberly
Aci Tatli Yiyoruz: Bitter or Sweet We Eat: The Economices of Love and Marriage in Orselli Village (Shahrani)
Ph.D. Luedke, Tracy
Healing Bodies: Materiality, History, and Poser among the Prophets of Central Mozambique (Clark)
M.A. James VanderVeen
History of a Pioneer House: Domestic Archaeology in Context (Conrad)
Ph.D. Cumberland, Linda
Grammar of Assiniboine: A Siouan Language of the Northern Plains (Parks)
Ph.D. Fenichel, Deborah
Exhibiting Ourselves as Others: Jewish Museum in Israel (Bahloul)
Ph.D. Garniewicz, Rexford
Zooarchaeological Measures of Resource Intensification and Depletion: Examples from Eastern North America
Ph.D. Lowe, Candice
When Diaspora Rules: (Dis)Qualifying Creoles for a Multicultural Maruitius (Royce/Wilk)
Ph.D. Mortensen, Lena
Constructing Heritage at Copan, Honduras: An Ethnography of the Archaeology Industry (Wilk)


Ph.D. Paul Rene' Tamburro
Ohio Valley Native Americans Speak: Indigenous Discourse on the Continuity of Identity (Bauman & Thomas)
Ph.D. Stefano Fiorini
Physical and Symbolic Landscapes of Identity: The Arbereshe of Southern Italy in the European Context (Brondizio/Royce)
Ph.D. Ann Marie Reed
Gateway to Africa: The Pilgrimage Tourism of Diaspora Africans to Ghana (Clark)
Ph.D. Pennefather-O'Brien, Elizabeth
Biological Affinities Among Middle Woodland Populations Associated with the Hopewell Horizon (Cook)
Ph.D. VanderVeen, James
Subsistence Patterns as Markers of Cultural Exchange: European and Taino Interactions in the Dominican Republic (Conrad)
Ph.D. Frank, Emily Joan
Negotiating Futures in the Time of AIDS (Wilk)
Ph.D. Petrie, Katherine
Transformation and Persistence in the Performance of the Ikh Bayar Naadam Ceremony of Mongolia (Shahrani)
Ph.D. Virginia A. Visconti
Parents' Wishes and Children's Choices: An Ethnographic Study of Rural Household Economies and Formal Schooling in a Northern Vietnamese Commune (Gracia Clark and Thomas A. Schwandt)
Ph.D. Jason Heaton
Taxonomy of the Sterkfontein Fossil Cercopithecinae: The Papionini of Members 2 and 4 (Gauteng, South Africa) (Pickering)


Ph.D. Gage, Sue Je
Pure Mixed Blood: The Multiple and Contested identities of Amerisians in South Korea (Royce)
Ph.D. Osborne, Daniel
An Analysis of Developmental Plasticity in Structural Geometry at the Proximinal Femur in Adolescent Females Living in the U.S. (Cook)
Ph.D. Egeland, Charles
Zooarcheological and Taphonomic Perspectives on Hominid and Carnivore Interactions at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania (Pickering)
Ph.D. Minetti, Alfredo
Sensivel: A Study on Social Aesthetics, Group Creativity, and collective Emotion (Royce)
Ph.D. Wille, Sarah
Sociopolitics and Community Building: The Entanglement of Pre-Hispanic Maya Culture, Objects, and Place at Chau Hiix, Belize (Pyburn)
Ph.D. Rutherford, Julienne
Litter Size Effects on Pacental Sturcture and Function in Common Marmoset Monkeys (Callithrix jacchus): Implications for Intrauterine Resource Allocation Strategies (Hunt)
Ph.D. Fairbanks, Julie
Adyg Identity, Performance and historical Memory (Royce)


Ph.D. Kozub, Mary
The Diagnosis of Autism Specturm disorders in the US: Trends and Family Experiences (Phillips)
Ph.D. Jennifer Raff
An Ancient DNA Perspective on the Prehistory of the Lower Illinois Valley  (Kaestle)
Ph.D. Alison Doubleday
LRP5 polymorphisms and bone minerald density in the baboon (Papio hamadryas anubis/cynocephalus)(Kaestle)
Ph.D. Hisato Kawata
“Something” That You Can’t Say: N-67 Indescribable Intelligibility and “Otherness” in the Making of Art and Ethnography (Parnell)
Ph.D. Carlina de la Cova
Silent Voices of the Destitute: An Analysis of African American and Euro-American Health During the Nineteenth Century (Cook)
Ph.D. Kelly Branam
Constitution–Making in Crow Country: Law, Power and Kinship (DeMallie)
Ph.D. Lucinda M. Carspecken
As of 11/09 we have not received department copy
Ph.D. Joshua Wells

The Vincennes Phase:  Mississippians and Ethnic Plurality in the Wabash Drainage of Indiana and Illinois (Peebles)


M.A. Cynthia Wirth
The Graduate School should be sending us a bound thesis (Conrad)
Ph.D. William Mangold
The Middle Woodland Occupations of the Kankakee River Valley and Beyond: The Goodall Tradition Revisited and Reinterpreted (Peebles)
Ph.D. Sarah L. Quick
Performing Heritage: Metis Music, Dance, and Identity in a Multicultural State (Royce)
Ph.D. Patricia Ann Hardwick
Stories of the Wind: The Role of Mak Yong in Shamanistic Healing in Kelantan, Malaysia (Glassie & Royce)