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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

M.A. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations: 1990-1999


Ph.D. Brian Redmond
The Yankeetown Phase: Emergent Mississippian Cultural Adaptation in the Lower Ohio River Valley (Peebles)
Ph.D. Katherine Seibold
Social Change as Reflected in the Textiles of Choquecancha, Cuzco, Peru (Royce)
Ph.D. Brenda M. Farnell
Plains Indian Sign-talk: Action and Discourse Among the Nakota ( Assiniboine ) People of Montana (DeMallie)
Ph.D. John Gbor
The Impact of Oil Wealth on Nigerian Agricultural Production ( Kendall )


Ph.D. Alexandra M. Jaffee
Language, Identity and Resistance on Corsica ( Kendall )
Ph.D. Suze Mathieu
The Transformation of the Catholic Church in Haiti (Royce)
M.A. Pat Abplanap
The Aged and the Ideology of Health Care in United States: A Study of Aged Individuals' Views Regarding Social Responsibility, Personal Responsibility, and the Role of Government in Health Care (Cook)
Ph.D. Donatella Schmidt
Do you have an Opy? Politics and Identity Among the Mbya-Guarani of Argentina and Easter Paraguay (April)
Ph.D. Edward E. Smith, Jr.
Paleo-Indian Settlement and Lithic Procurement Patterns in the Karstic Region of Southcentral Indiana (May)
Ph.D. Mary Elizabeth Neal
Devil's Instrument, National Instrument: The Hardanger Fiddle as Metaphor of Experience in the Creation and Negotiation of Cultural Identity in Norway (May) (Royce)
Ph.D. Pamela J. Dorn
Change and Ideology: The Ethnomusicology of Turkish Jewry (Royce)
Ph.D. Cathy Lebo Anasazi
Harvests: Agroclimate, Harvest Variability, and Agricultural Strategies on Prehistoric Black Mesa, Northeastern Arizona (Conrad)
M.A. Ayse Taskiran
The Palaeolithic Cultures of Turkey with particular Reference to Lithic Studies (Vitelli)
Ph.D. Ricardo Ventura Santos
Coping With Change in Native Amazonia: A Bioanthropological Study of the Gaviao, Surui, and Zoro, Tupi-Monde Speaking Societites From Brazil (Jamison)
Ph.D. Robert S. Leopold
Prescriptive Alliance and Ritual Collaboration in Loma Society (Ivan Karp)
M.A. Deborah Golodetz
The Story Never Ends: Contemporary Native American Autobiographies ( Kendall )


Ph.D. E. Neni K. Panourgia
A View Not From Afar Illness and Death Points of Knowledge and All Sorts of Heterological Homologies (Herzfeld)
M.A. Megan C. Christoph
Power and Transformation Within Women's Spirituality ( Kendall )
Ph.D. Sherri L. Hilgeman
Pottery and Chronology of the Angel Site, a Middle Mississippian Center in the Lower Ohio Valley (Peebles)
Ph.D. Ellen Sieber
Iron Age Archaeology in Kano State, Nigeria (Munson)
M.A. Sibanyama Mudenda
Changing Patterns in Prehistoric Economy: Towards a Critical Review of the Late Stone Sequence in Zambia (Sept)
Ph.D. Angela Impey
They Want Us With Salt and Onions: Women in the Zimbabwan Music Industry (Girshick)
M.A. Jill Smith
History, Culture, and Racism in Anthropology and Film ( Kendall )
Ph.D. Margaret Davee
A Study of Within-pair Variability in the Dermatoglyphic Features of Monozygotic Twin Pairs Analyzed by Placental Type (Meier)
Ph.D. John C. McCall
The Ohafia War Dance as Lived L-21 Experience: History and Identity in a Nigerian Community (Girshick)
M.A. Julie K. Walters
Anthropology Museums in the 1990's: A guide to the Administration of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. (Conrad)
Ph.D. Janice S. Bruckner
The Human Subtalar Joint: A Theme on Variation (Meier)


Ph.D. Barbara Santos
Liberation Theology at the Grassroots: Community Leaders in Rural Brazil (Royce)
Ph.D. Christopher Lane Borstel
Constructing Prehistory in the People's Republic of China: An Ethnography of State, Society, and Archaeology (Conrad)
Ph.D. Michael Cahill
Becoming an Abused Child: Anthropological and Symbolic Interactionist Perspectives on a Self-Concept (DeMallie?)
Ph.D. Vassos Argyrou
From Here to Modernity: Change and Differentiation in Greek Cypriot Wedding Celebrations (Herzfeld)
Ph.D. Linda D'Amico
Expressivity, Ethnicity and Renaissance in Otavalo (Royce)
Ph.D. Tanya Y. Price
The Real Democrats: The Congressional Black Caucus and the Struggle for Power on Capitol Hill (Royce)


Ph.D. Cheryl Fay Smith
The Effects of Hypoxia and Nutrition on Premenopausal Sherpa Women Living at High and Low Altitude in Nepal (Meier)
Ph.D. Ravina Aggarwal
From Mixed Strains of Barley Grain: Person and Place in a Ladakhi Village (Herzfeld & Jackson)
Ph.D. Loretta M. Barfield
Family Influence on Fertility, Migration and Aging: Coping and Adaption in the Blue Ridge Provice of Appalachia: Floyd County, Virginia (Moran)
Ph.D. Jeffrey H. Cohen
Cooperation and Community: Economic Change in Southern Mexico (Wilk)
Ph.D. Bruce L. Hardy
Investigations of Stone Tool Function Through Use-Wear, Residue, and DNA Analyses at the Middle Paleolithic site of La Quina, France (Toth)
Ph.D. Robert L. Thompson
Calloused Hands and a Drummer's Toolkit. Mandinka Drumming in the Gambia ( Kendall)


Ph.D. Frank A. Hall
Irish Dancing: Discipline as Art, Sport, and Duty (Royce)
Ph.D. Valerie L. Dean
Effects of Cultural Cranial Deformation and Craniosynostosis on Cranial Venous Sinus and Middle Meningeal Vessel Pattern Expression (Cook)
Ph.D. Rhonda M. Gillett
Growth and Physical Status: M-9 Biocultural Measures of Long-Term Underdevelopment Among the Gwembe Tonga of Zambia (Jamison)
Ph.D. Kathryn B. Propst
Enamel Microstructure, Function, and Phylogeny in Marmosets and Tamarins (Callitricidae, Primates) (Cook)
M.A. Benedetta Mariotti
Plains Indians of the Dakotas: A Bio-Anthropological Study of a Collection of Crania Dental Wear, Interproximal Grooves, Inter-radicular Incisions, Suture Closure, and Traumatic Lesions (Cook)
M.A. Eileen Cooper
Exhibiting Reality: The Use of the Museum Context as a Means to Teach Archaeology to a Non-Scholarly Public (Conrad)
Ph.D. Eleftheria P. Deltsou
Praxes of Tradition and Modernity in a Village in Northern Greece (Herzfeld & Wilk)
Ph.D. Janette Rawlings
Marketing Systems and National Development The Sucre Region of Bolivia (Moran)


Ph.D. Catherine A. Jones
Privacy and Agency: Narrating Life with HIV (Greenhouse)
Ph.D. Mohamed Sahnouni
Archaeological Investigations at the Lower Palaeolithic Site of Ain Hanech, Algeria, and Their Behavioral Implications (Toth)
Ph.D. Julianne E. Short
Musokorobaya: Practice, Embodiment, Transition, and Agency in the Lives of Senior Bamana Women of Mali (Jackson & Kendall)
M.A. Aixa Ansorena-Montero
Illegal Abortion in Costa Rica: Choice and Women's Identities (Wilk, Greenhouse, & Jackson )
Ph.D. Zhuan Dong
Looking into Peking Man's Subsistence — A Taphonomic Analysis of the Middle Pleistocene HOMO erectus Site in China (Toth)
M.A. Joseph C. Harmon
The Cultural Basis of American M-20 Fund Raising: Its Implications for Native American Communities (DeMallie & Royce) (July)
M.A. Sivia Forni
Tourist Art in Africa: Examples and Debates (Girshick) (September)
M.A. Maximilian D. Martin
Discourses on Joint Ventures and Development (Clark & Wilk) (October)
Ph.D. Kimmarie Murphy
The Skeletal Elements of the Iron Age in Central and Southern Africa: A Bioarchaeological Approach to the Reconstruction of Prehistoric Subsistence (Cook)
Ph.D. Keith Jacobi
An Analysis of Genetic Structuring in a Colonia Maya Cemetery, Tipu, Belize, Using Dental Morphology and Metrics (Cook)


Ph.D. Kassime Kone Bamana
Verbal Art: An M-25 Ethnographic Study of Proverbs (Jackson)
Ph.D. Anna Stroulia
Unthinking Museums: Aspects of Power in the Theory and Practice of Greek Folklore Museums (Vitelli)
Ph.D. Carolyn R. Anderson
Dakota Identity in Minnesota, 1820 - 1995 (DeMallie)
Ph.D. Mary M. Doi
From the Heart: Marginality and Transformation in the Lives of Uzbek National Dancers 1929-1994 (Royce)
Ph.D. Lisa Cliggett
My Mother's Keeper: Changing M-29 Family Support Systems for the Elderly in the Gwembe Valley, Zambia (Wilk)
Ph.D. Cynthia A. Werner
Household Networks, Ritual Exchange and Economic Change in Rural Kazikstan (Shahrani)
Ph.D. Emiko Otake
Ayabe Life: Its Dimensions of Buraku and Buraku-Min (Bahloul
Ph.D. Francisco D. Gurri
Regional Integration and Its Effect on the Adaptability and Environment of Rural Maya Populations in Yucatan, Mexico (Meier & Jamison)
Ph.D. Jane Jensen
( Randolph ) Self-Improvement in a Cape Breton Coal Town: An Ethnographic Study of Education and Development (Greenhouse)
Ph.D. Andrea Dalledone Siqueira
The Ecology of Food and Nutrition: Patterns of Land Use and Nutritional Status among Caboclo Populations On Marajo Island, Para, Brazil (Moran)


Ph.D. Karen Leigh Kessel
Urban Planner and Rural Women: The Culture of Development on the West Indian Island of Dominica (Wilk)
Ph.D. Bret R. Ruby
The Mann Phase: Hopewellian Subsistence and Settlement Adaptations in the Wabash Lowland of Southwestern Indiana (2 volumes) (Munson)
Ph.D. Paula L. Wagoner
Ambivalent Identities: Land, Blood, and U.S. Federal Policy in Bennett County, South Dakota (DeMallie)
Ph.D. Wei Du
Life Matters: Childbirth, Embodiment and Selfhood of Chinese Women in San Francisco (Greenhouse)
Ph.D. Jason Baird Jackson
Yuchi Ritual: Meaning and Tradition in Contemporary Ceremonial Ground Life (DeMallie)
Ph.D. David Abramson
From Soviet to Mahalla: Community and Transition in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan (Shahrani)
Ph.D. Nora Haenn
“The Government Gave us the Land": Political Ecology and Regional Culture in Campeche, Mexico (Wilk)
Ph.D. Eric Worch
Play in Four Species of East African Monkeys: Implications for Early Childhood and Elementary Education (Hunt)
Ph.D. Susan Kirkpatrick Smith
A Biocultural Analysis of Social Status in Mycenaean (Late Bronze Age) Athens, Greece (Cook) (August)
Ph.D. Geoff Childs
A Cultural and Historical Analysis of Demographic Trends and Family Management Strategies Among the Tibetans of Nubri, Nepal (Moran and Beckwith)
Ph.D. Elizabeth Sue McGhehey Moore
The Face and Form in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Use of Anthropometry to Assess Growth and Objectify the Diagnosis (Jamison & Ward))
M.A. Suzanne K. Kudlaty
Forgotten History: Community Heritage through Public Archaeology in Indiana Count Museums (Vitelli)


Ph.D. Nicholas Shorr
Agricultural Intensification in a Large Tikuna Community on the Floodplain of the Upper Brazilian Amazon (Moran)
Ph.D. Lisa Pawloski
The Growth, Developement, and Nutritional Status of Adolescent Girls from the Segou Region of Mali ( West Africa ): A BioCultural Approach to the Analysis of Health (Jamison)
Ph.D. Bradley Reed Howard
Indigenous Peoples and the State: An Anthropological analysis of an Evolving Political Relationship (DeMallie)
Ph.D. Sonia Silva
Vicarious Selves: Divination Baskets and Angolan Refugees in Zambia (Girshick)
Ph.D. Diane Ballinger
Sexual Dimorphism in Cortical Bone Geometry in Two Maya Populations (Cook)
M.A. Karen Abney Korn
Collecting African Art: The Perspective of an Ohio Community (Girshick)
Ph.D. Elizabeth Anne Faier
Improvising Modernity: Organizations, Gender, and the Culture of Palestinian Activism in Haifa, Israel (Greenhouse)