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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

M.A. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations: 1980-1989


Ph.D. White, Max E.
An Ethnoarchaeological Approach to Cherokee Subsistence and Settlement Patterns. (DeMallie)
Ph.D. Brink, James T.
Organizing Satirical Comedy in Kote-Tlon: Drama as a Communication Strategy Among the Bamana of Mali (Merriam)
Ph.D. Johnson, Steven L.
Production, Exchange, and Economic Development Among the Luo-Abasuba of Southwestern Kenya. (Schneider)
Ph.D. Coplan, David B.
The Urbanization of African Performing Arts in South Africa. (Royce)
Ph.D. Coddington, Iqbal Jwaideh.
A Study in Arab Polygyny. (DeMallie)
M.A. Wedel, Janine.
The Relationship Between Intra- and Inter-group Conflict. (Karp/Herzfeld)
M.A. Krouse, Susan Applegate.
Capturing the Vanishing Race: The Photographs of Dr. Joseph K. Dixon. (Hurt/DeMallie)
Ph.D. Boling, Jerry A.
Selected Problems in Shawnee Syntax. ( Kendall )


Ph.D. Boyd, Alan W.
To Praise the Prophet: A Processual Symbolic Analysis of Maulidi, A Muslim Ritual in Lamu, Kenya. ( Vaughan for Merriam)
Ph.D. Kissel, David L.
The Passions of Oberammergau: A Diachronic Study of a Case of Institutionalized Political Factionalism in a Bavarian Village. ( Vaughan )
Ph.D. Goldberg, Alan.
Commercial Folklore and Voodoo in Haiti: International Tourism and the Sale of Culture. (Royce)
Ph.D. Kuter, Lois.
Breton Identity: Musical and Linguistic Expression in Brittiany, France. (Royce)
M.A. Hirai, Tomoko.
Kinaalda: Navajo Girl's Puberty Ceremony. (DeMallie/Kendall/Mintz)
Ph.D. Maynard, Kent.
Christianity and Religion: Evangelical Identity and Sociocultural Organization in Urban Ecuador. ( Vaughan )
M.A. Develioglou, Dialekti.
Interpersonal Relationships Between Low-income Urban Afro-American Men and Women. (Mintz/Meier/Royce)
Ph.D. Pearlman, Cynthia L.
Women and Men in Transition: Gender and Change in the Mazatec Sierra, Oaxaca, Mexico. (Royce)
Ph.D. Young, Gloria A.
Powwow Power: Perspectives on Historic and Contemporary Intertribalism. (Royce)
M.A. Ssemanda, John M.
The Process and Techniques of Confronting Illness Among the Baganda. (Kendall/Karp/Royce)
Ph.D. Kater, Lois Breton
Identity: Musical and Linguistic Expression in Brittany France (Royce)
M.A. Tsukada, Kenichi.
Toward a Sociological Exploration in Semantic Anthropology. (Karp/Kendall/Herzfeld)
M.A. Hunt, Karen A. Bunch.
Cultural Influences on the Early Farmsteads in the Salt River Valley in Missouri. (DeMallie/Hurt/Roberts)
Ph.D. Winder, Sue Carolyn Snyder.
Infracranial Nonmetric Variation: An Assessment of its Value for Biological Distance Analysis. (2 volumes) (Meier)


Ph.D. Saul, Mahir.
Stratification and Leveling in the Farming Economy of a Voltaic Village. (Schneider)
M.A. Goodson, Cheryl S.
Child Abuse and Birth Defects: A Sociobiological Perspective. (Meier/Jamison/Kaser)
Ph.D. Arlinghaus, Bruce E.
The West Fork Jaycees: Social Exchange and Social Mobility in a Rural Voluntary Association. (Schneider)
Ph.D. Song, Sunhee.
Kinship and Lineage in Korean Village Society. ( Vaughan )
M.A. Seibold, Katharine.
Indigenous Textile Production: Oaxaca, Mexico. (Royce/Gebhard/Lombardi)


Ph.D. Hill, Jonathan David.
Wakuenai Society: A Processual-Structural Analysis of Indigenous Cultural Life in the Upper Rio Negro Region of Venezuela. (Moran)
Ph.D. Frankowski-Braganza, Ann Christine.
Host/Guest Interaction and its Impact on Social Identity. (Royce)
Ph.D. Lewis, David M.
The Formal-Substantive Controversy: A Critical Analysis. (Schneider)
Ph.D. Little, Peter Deal.
From Household to Region: Te Marketing/Production Interface Among the Il Chamus of Northern Kenya (Schneider)
Ph.D. Limp, Fredrick W.
Rational Location Choice and Prehistoric Settlement Analysis. (Munson)
Ph.D. Denbow, James R.
Iron Age Economics: Herding, Wealth, and Politics along the Fringes of the Kalahari Desert during the Early Iron Age. (Munson)


M.A. Lu, Hwei-Syin.
Gender Complementarity in Family Instituions in Taiwan Chinese Society (Herzfeld, Seeger, Sung)
Ph.D. Bims, Hamilton J.
Small Farm Economizing: A Symbolic View of Jamaica (Moran)
M.A. Edgar, Alacia
Diabetes Mellitus Among North American Native Populations: A research prospectus utilizing current research findings (Jamison)
Ph.D. Franklin, Robert J., Jr.
The Role of Structure, Agency, and Communication in the Development of Federal Policy toward the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe ( Kendall )
Ph.D. Reafsnyder, Charles.
Emergent Ethnic Identity in a Migrant Atoll Population in Truk State, Federated States of Micronesia ( Kendall )
M.A. Eberhart, Frederick.
Equitable Distribution in Small-Scale Agriculture Projects in the Niger Republic: Trade-Offs in Reaching the Poor (Vaughan, Schneider, O'Meara)
M.A. Ross, Georganne.
Maternal Employment and the Resurgence of Breastfeeding in the United States (Vaughan, Karp, Carmichael)
Ph.D. Kingsbury, Henry.
Music as a Cultural System: Structure and Process in an American Conservatory Seeger)
M.A. Justice, Noel D.
Diagnostic Projectile Points of Eastern United States Archaeology (December) (Munson, Kellar, Conrad, Hurt)


Ph.D. Mark Plew
A Prehistoric Settlement Pattern for the Southcentral Owyhee Uplands, Idaho (Hurt)
Ph.D. Daniel J. Pullen
Social Organization in Early Bronze Age Greece: A Multi-Dimensional Approach (Double Ph.D. - Co-chairmen: Jacobsen, Classical Archaeology and Munson, Anthropology)
M.A. Barbara M. Santos
The Effects of Employment and Residence Choice on Community Formation in a Transamazonian Agrovila (Moran, Seeger, Sadlier)
Ph.D. Katherine A. Dettwyler
Breastfeeding, Weaning, and Other Infant Feeding Practices in Mali and Their Effects on Growth and Development (Jamison)
Ph.D. Steven P. Dettwyler
Senoufo Migrants in Bamako: Changing Agricultural Production Strategies and Household Organization in an Urban Environment (Moran)
Ph.D. Martha Levittan Balshem
Job Stress and Health Among Women Clerical Workers (Jamison)
Ph.D. Norma Hackleman Wolff
Adugbologe's Children: Continuity and Change in a Yoruba Woodcarving Industry (Schneider)
Ph.D. L. Alden Almquist
Symbolic Consensus in Ritual Practice: An Ethnography of Differentiation in Pagibeti Rites of Passage (October) ( Kendall )
M.A. Sally Weaver Glick
Multiple Resource Management: A Strategy for Colonists in the Bolivian Oriente (Moran, Seeger, Lombardi)
Ph.D. Greg M. Mahnke
The Infant Doe Controversy: An Ethnographic Account of American Moral Discourse (Herzfeld)


Ph.D. Susan J. Rasmussen
Gender and Curing in Ritual and Symbol: Women, Spirit Possession, and Aging Among the Kel Ewey Tuareg (Karp/Herzfeld)
Ph.D. Stanley G. Knick
Growing Up Down Home: Health and Growth in the Lumbee Nation (Meier)
Ph.D. Jay Szklut
From Rural to Urban: Economic Change, Social Relations and Community. The Transformation of an American Town. (Schneider)
Ph.D. Ronald Engard
Bringing The Outside In: Commensality and Incorporation in Bafut Myth, Ritual, Art, and Social Organization. (Seeger)
Ph.D. Douglas P. Fry
An Ethological Study of Aggression and Aggression Scoialization among Zapotec Children of Oaxaca, Mexico. (Jamison)
M.A. Marion Glanville
Explaining Styles of Native American Drinking: Witchcraft and Religion—or Ecological Adaptation? (Meier, Cook & Engs)
Ph.D. Nyaga Mwaniki
Social and Economic Effects of Tenuree Reform in Mbeere. (Schneider)
Ph.D. Alice Tratebas
Black Hills Settlement Patterns: Based on a Functional Approach (Hurt)


Ph.D. David Reed Miller
Montana Assiniboine Identity: A Cultural Account of An American Indian Ethnicity (DeMallie)
Ph.D. Kris L. Hardin
The Aesthestics of Action: Producation and Re-Production in a West African Town (Karp & Ben-Amos)
M.A. Zina Munla
Linguistic and Cultural Capital—A Study of Language and Code Switching in Lebanon ( Kendall )
M.A. William Ndama
Neither African Nor American: An Analysis of Americo-Liberian Attitudes Towards the Indigenous Africans in Liberia (Royce)
Ph.D. Cathy Winkler
Changing Power and Authority in Gender Roles: Women in Authority in a Mexican Artisan Community (Royce)
Ph.D Cheryl Sorenson Jamison
Palmar Dermatoglyphics of Dyslexia: A Test of the Geschwind Hypothesis. (Meier)
Ph.D. Susan Diduk
The Paradox of Secrets: Power and Ideology in Kedjom Society (Karp)
Ph.D. Bates, Ann M.
Affiliation and Differentiation: Intertribal Interactions Among the Makah and Ditidaht Indians (DeMallie)
M.A. Nancy L. Evans
Frederick Starr: Missionary For Anthropology (Conrad)


M.A. Catherine Greene
Parteras, Partos, Y Plantas: Isthmus Zapotec Childbirth, Ethnobotany and Perinatal Traditions (Royce)
M.A. Ayla Akin
Pottery Production in a #314 Transhumant Agricultural Community: Dont (Esenkoy), Turkey (Vitelli)
Ph.D. William Graves III
The Sociocultural Construction of Grammar: A Metalinguistic Case-study(Kendall)
M.A. Young-Hoon Kim
The Future of Native Anthropology (Seeger)
M.A. Joyce L. Ogburn
The Reception of Theories of Biological Evolution Among American Anthropologists in the Late Nineteenth Century (Cook)
Ph.D. Barbara Warren Cashion
Creation of a Local Growth Standard Based on Well-Nourished Malian Children, and its Application to a Village Sample of Unknown Age (Jamison)
M.A. Jacqueline Steltz-Lenarsky
School-Age Pregnancy and K-7 Childbearing in Monroe County, Indiana: Biosocial Study of Strategy and Support (Meier)
M.A. Delia Patricia Mathews
The Future of the Comunidad Campesina in the Andes of Peru (Royce)
Ph.D. Jane Cowan
Embodiments: The Social Construction of Gender in Dance-Events in A Northern Greek Town (Herzfeld)
M.A. Tanya Price
Social Institutions and Political Structure in a Black Community (Royce)
M.A. Karen Estelle Baehr
The Making of a Reggae Band in Babylon: Membership and Style in Chicago Raggae. (Seeger)
M.A. Kathy Sanborn
Museum Exhibits as a Medium of Communication: A Historical Look at Anthropological Exhibits in American Museums (Ben-Amos)
Ph.D. Lydie Carmen Brissonnet
The Structuration of Communitas in the Carnaval of Salvador, Bahia ( Northeastern Brazil) (Seeger)


M.A. Karen R. Lind
Disease, Witchcraft Accusations, and the Rise of the Shawnee Prophet (DeMallie)
Ph.D. Robert Roy Reed
Managing the Revolution: Revolutionary Promise and Political Reality in Rural Portugal (Mintz)
Ph.D. James Richard Jones III
Degrees of Accultration at Two 18th Century Aboriginal Villages Near Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana: Ethnohistoric and Archaeological Perspectives (DeMallie)
M.A. Kathy Marie Fry
Women's Status and Their Contribution to the Household Economy: A Study of Two Zapotec Communities (Royce)
Ph.D. Mark Richard Schurr
The Relationship Between Mortuary Treatment and Diet at the Angel Site (Peebles)
Ph.D. Kenneth B. Tankersley
Late Pleistocene Lithic Exploration and Human Settlement in The Midwestern United States (Munson)
Ph.D. James Wafer
The Taste of Blood Interaction Between People and Spirits in Candomble of Bahia ( Kendall )
Ph.D. Maria De Lourdes Villar
From Sojourners to Settlers: The Experience of Mexican Undocumented Migrants in Chicago (Moran)
Ph.D. Bradley Stoner
Health Care Delivery and Health Resource Utilization in a Highland Andean Community of Southern Peru (Meier) (October)
Ph.D. Carlos Coimbra
From Shifting Cultivation to Coffee Farming: The Impact of Change on the Health and Ecology of the Surui Indians in the Brazillan Amazon (August) (Moran)
Ph.D. Marie Elaine Danforth
A Comparison of Childhood Health Patterns in the Late Classic and Colonial Maya Using Enamel Microdefects (Cook) (October)
Ph.D. Victor Fuks
Demonstration of Multiple Relationships Between Music and Culture of the
Waiapi Indians of Brazil ) (Seeger)