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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

M.A. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations: 1970-1979


M.A. Jwaideh, Igbal.
The History and Functional Development of Patrilateral Parallel Cousin Marriage in the Middle East. (Antoun)
M.A. Roper, Donna C.
Statistical Analysis of New York State Projectile Points. (Driver)
M.A. Master, Warren.
Peasant Communities in Semiarid Turkey: Traditional Values in a Changing Ecosystem. (Antoun)
Ph.D. Dorwin, John T.
The Bowen Site: An Archaeological Study of Culture Process in the Late Prehistory of Central Indiana. (Kellar)
Ph.D. Clark, Evelyn Kiatipoff.
Agrarian Reform and Developmental Change in Parotani, Bolivia. (Doughty and Bidney)
Ph.D. Frisch, Jack Aaron.
Revitalization, Nativism, and Tribalism Among the St. Regis Mohawks. (Driver)
M.A. Hollis, Sara Jane.
Idah—Sculptor of Benin: Court Art and Personal Style. (Messenger)
Ph.D. Segal, Edwin S.
The Cultural Background of East African Urban Migration. (Driver)
Ph.D. Faulkner, Charles H.
The Late Prehistoric Occupation of Northwestern Indiana: A Study of the Upper Mississippi Cultures of the Kankakee Valley. (Kellar)
M.A. Tomak, Curtis H.
Aboriginal Occupations in the Vicinity of Greene County, Indiana (Kellar)
M.A. Huenemann, Lynn.
An Historical Survey of the Music of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska (Driver)
M.A. Fields, Brian Allan.
The Phylogeny and Tasonomic Classification of Paranthropus. (Meier)
M.A. Walstrom, Nancy Elizabeth.
Cousin Marriage in the Middle East.


Ph.D. Hafer, Raymond F.
The People Up the Hill: Individual Progress Without Village Participation in Pariamarca, Cajamarca, Peru. (Doughty)
Ph.D. Glenn, Elizabeth J.
The Physical Affiliations of the Oneota Peoples. (Neumann/Meier)
M.A. Sandstrom, Alan R.
An Anthropological Analysis of the Concept of the Authoritarian Personality. (Messenger)
M.A. Leahy, Elizabeth Ann.
Community Study of a Census Tract in the Inner City of Chicago. (Driver)
M.A. Kenny, James A.
A Proposed Schedule for the Cross-Cultural Measurement of Infants. (Trott)
Ph.D. Chaney, Richard Paul.
On the Intertwined Problems of Sampling, Data Patterning and Conceptual Organization in Cross-Cultural Research. (Driver)
M.A. Spirek, Dennis G.
Validity of Sampling Data on Stature and Weight of Military Acceptable Personnel in Four Indiana Counties. (Trott)
M.A. Davis, Gordon A.
Some Ethiopian Names, A Study in Anthroponymy. (Hodge)
Ph.D. Ben-Amos, Paula.
Social Change in the Organization of Wood Carving in Benin City, Nigeria. (Messenger)
Ph.D. Smith, Margo L.
Institutionalized Servitude: The Female Domestic Servant in Lima, Peru. (Doughty)
M.A. Eskildsen, Gustavo A.
The Origin and Persistence of the Incest Taboo and Its Relation to the Genesis and Evolution of Human Society: A Critique of Existing Theories and a New Hypothesis. (Driver)
M.A. Ishkan, Roger G.
Systems Anthropology: Community Study in the Prefigurative Culture. (Doughty)
Ph.D. Alexander, Ralph W., Jr.
The Hybrid Origin of the Arikara Indians of the Great Plains. (Meier)
Ph.D. Metress, James F.
An Osteobiography of the Buffalo Site, Fulton County, West Virginia. (Meier)
Ph.D. Perzigian, Anthony J.
Prehistoric Indian Populations. (Meier)
Ph.D. Duncan, Ronald J.
Culture, Individuals, and Change in an Urban Mill Village Context. (Bidney)


M.A. Thayer, James Steel.
The Theory of Myth in Modern Ethnological Thought. (Bidney)
Ph.D. Kozlowski, Edwin L.
Havasupai Simple Sentences. (Voegelin)
M.A. Schutz, Jr., Noel W.
Tai and Austronesian: A Study in Remote Linguistic Classification. (Veogelin)
M.A. Estafen, Nancy Andres.
The Social Sphere of Race. (Driver & Meier)
Ph.D. Kendall, Martha B.
Selected Problems in Yavapai Syntax. (Voegelin)
Ph.D. Bellis, James Oren.
Archeology and the Culture History of the Akan of Ghana, A Case Study. (Kellar)


Ph.D. Brown, Oral Carl, Jr.
Haitian Vodoo in Relation to Negritude and Christianity: A Study in Acculturation and Applied Anthropology. (Bidney)
Ph.D. Nakhleh, Khalil.
Shifting Patterns of Conflict in Selected Arab Villages in Israel. (Antoun)
Ph.D. Custred, Harry Glynn, Jr.
Symbols and Control in a High Altitude Andean Community. (Doughty)
M.A. Gold, Peter Howard.
Performance and the Communication of Innovation. (Merriam and Chiao)
Ph.D. Hill, Donald R.
"England I Want To Go": The Impact of Migration on a Caribbean Community (Doughty)
Ph.D. Blakely, Robert.
Biological Variation Among and Between Two Prehistoric Indian Populations at Dickson Mounds. (Meier)
Ph.D. Coffin, James L.
A Statistical Analysis of Driver's and Massey's 1957 Monograph, Comparative Studies of North American Indians. (Driver)
Ph.D. Lehmann, Arthur Campbell.
The Anthropology of Architecture. (Merriam)
Ph.D. Hutchinson, William B.
Sociocultural Change in the Mantaro Valley Region of Peru: Acolla, A Case Study. (Doughty)
Ph.D. Oliver-Smith, Anthony R.
Yungay Norte: Disaster and Social Change in the Peruvian Highlands. (Doughty)


Ph.D. Shank, Floyd A.
Nzabi Kinship, A Cognitive Approach. (Driver)
Ph.D. Yamamoto, Akira.
Communication in Culture Spaces: A Study of the Buraku. (Voegelin)
Ph.D. Kenny, James A.
A Numerical Taxonomy of Ethnic Units Using Murdock's 1967 World Sample. (Driver)
M.A. Schell, Catherine L.
Adjustment Problems: Chinese Foreign Students in the United States. (Vaughan & Trott)
M.A. Plew, Mark G.
The Fremont Culture: A Reevaluation. (Hurt)
M.A. Winder, Sue.
A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Origin and Evolutionary Development of the Hominidae. (Meier & Jamison)
Ph.D. Nimtz, Maxine L.
Decision-Making in the Fishing Industry in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. (Merriam)
Ph.D. Adams, Charles R.
Ethnography of Basotho Evaluative Expression in the Cognitive Domain Lipapali (Games). (Merriam)
Ph.D. Edson, Paul Douglas.
Folk Music Styles in East Central Europe. (Merriam)
Ph.D. Warren, Demi Michael ( Vaughan )


Ph.D. Wild, Steven.
Walbiri Music and Dance in Their Social and Cultural Nexus. (Merriam)
Ph.D. Honerkamp, Marjory W.
The Angel Phase: Analysis of a Middle Mississippian Occupation in Southwestern Indiana. (Kellar)
Ph.D. Wallace, James M.
Schooling in Highland Peru: The Impact of Formal Education on a Peasant Community. (Trott)
Ph.D. Coleman, William L.
Multiple Modals in Southern States English. (Voegelin)
Ph.D. Murad, Turhon A.
The North Alaskan Eskimo Intra-Population Variation for Palmar Dermatoglyphics. (Meier)
Ph.D. Provost, Paul Jean.
Culture and Anti-Culture Among the Eastern Nahua of Northern Veracruz, Mexico. (Hansen)
Ph.D. Schutz, Noel W., Jr.
The Study of Shawnee Myth in an Ethnographic and Ethnohistorical Perspective. (Voegelin)
Ph.D. Campbell, Ena Keith.
Urban Minorities and Cultural Pluralism: The Perimeters of Program Planning. ( Vaughan )
Ph.D. Wagner, Jon.
Haran: Charisma and Ideology in a Contemporary American Commune. (Bidney)
Ph.D. Kaemmer, John E.
The Dynamics of a Changing Music System in Rural Rhodesia. (Merriam)
Ph.D. Sachs, Nahoma.
Music and Meaning: Musical Symbolism in a Macedonian Village. (Merriam)
Ph.D. Nadim, Nawal El Messiri.
The Relationships Between the Sexes in a Harah of Cairo. ( Vaughan )
Ph.D. Sandstrom, Alan R.
Ecology, Economy and the Realm of the Sacred; an Interpretation of Ritual in a Nahua Community of the Southern Huasteca, Mexico.


Ph.D. Kealiinohomoku, Joann Marie Wheeler.
Theory and Methods for an Anthropological Study of Dance. (Merriam)
Ph.D. Hotvedt, Mary Eleanor.
Family Planning Among Mexican Americans of South Texas. (Doughty)
Ph.D. Wallace, James M.
Schooling in Highland PeThe Impact of Forma/Education on a Peasant Community
Ph.D. Quam, Michael Dwight.
Pastoral Economy and Cattle Marketing in Karamoja, Uganda. (Schneider)
Ph.D. Umiker-Sebeok, Donna Jean.
The Conversational Skills of Preschool Children. (Voegelin)
Ph.D. Gavrielides, Nicolas E.
A Study in the Cultural Ecology f an Olive-Growing Community: The Southern Argolid, Greece. ( Vaughan )
Ph.D. Gillespie, Ellen.
An Examination of the Innovativeness of a Contemporary U.S. Subculture. ( Vaughan )
Ph.D. Eminov, Mumunali M.
The Development of Soviet Nationality Policy and Current Soviet Perspectives on Ethnicity. ( Vaughan )
Ph.D. Clapham, Stephen.
Navarra: From Medieval to Modern. ( Vaughan )
Ph.D. Studstill, John D.
Student Attrition in Zaire: The System and the Game in the Secondary Schools of MasoSmo. (Merriam)
Ph.D. Vickery, Kent D.
An Approach to Inferring Archaeological Site Variability. (Kellar)
Ph.D. Teski, Marea.
Reality Structure and Social Interaction in a Retirement Hotel. (Royce)
Ph.D. Burchard, Roderick.
Myths of the Sacred Leaf: Ecological Perspectives on Coca and Peasant Biocultural Adaptation in Peru. (Doughty)
Ph.D. Reidhead, Van A.
Optimization and Food Procurement at the Prehistoric Leonard Haag Site, Southeastern Indiana: A Linear Programming Approach. (Kellar)


Ph.D. Ben-Hamza, Kacem.
The Cave-Dwellers of Matmata Ritual and Economic Decision-Making in a Changing Community. (Schneider)
M.A. Dembicki, Diane.
A Study on the Sexual Dimorphism of the Pelvic Gluteal Lines in a Prehistoric Amerindian Population. (Cook & Jamison)
Ph.D. Seeman, Mark F.
The Hopewell Interaction Sphere: The Evidence for Inter-Regional Trade and Structural Complexity. (Kellar)
M.A. Cloar, Sarah Jean Feldt.
Visitor and Exhibit Research in the Anthropology Museum (Hurt)
M.A. Murray, Priscilla M.
Discard Behavior: The Ethnographic Data. (Thomas Cook)
M.A. Lindborg, Kristina.
Perspectives on Mexican-American Womanhood Through the Lives of Five Women. (Royce)
Ph.D. DeCarbo, Jr., Edward A.
Artistry Among Kasem Speaking Peoples of Northern Ghana. (Hansen)
Ph.D. Lavenda, Robert H.
The First Modernizing Attempt: Modernization and Change in Caracas, 1870-1908. (Royce)
Ph.D. Kroskrity, Paul V.
Aspects of Arizona Tewa Language Structure and Language Use. (Voegelin)
Ph.D. Stafford, Philip B.
The Semiotics of Old Age in a Small Midwestern Town: An Interactionist Approach. (Sebeok)
Ph.D. Green, Thomas J.
Economic Relationships Underlying Mississippian Settlement Patterns in Southwestern Indiana and North-Central Kentucky. (Kellar)
Ph.D. Massing, Andreas.
Economic Developments in the Kru Culture Area. (Schneider)
M.A. Hunter, Sara.
Northern Arapahoe Grandparents: Traditional Concepts and Contemporary Socio-Economics. (Dec.) (DeMallie & Meier)
M.A. O'Connor, Norma J.
A Methodological Study of the Paleodemography of Various Late Archaic Populations from Eastern North America. (Cook & Jamison)


Ph.D. Hoffnagel, Judith Chambliss.
The Believers: Pentecostalism in a Brazilian City. (Hansen)
Ph.D. Berry, James J.
Arikara Middlemen: The Effects of Trade on an Upper Missouri Society. (Schneider)
Ph.D. Bybee, Dorothy A.
Muslim Peasant Women of the Middle East: Their Sources and Uses of Power (Hansen)
Ph.D. Saunders, Margaret Overholt.
Marriage and Divorce in a Muslim Hausa Town ( Mirria, Niger Republic). ( Vaughan )
Ph.D. Hoover, Sandra A.
Social Stratification in Toro: A Study in Social Change. ) ( Vaughan )
M.A. Votaw, Claire-Lousie.
The Failure of Success as a Concept in African Migration Studies. (Karp/John Myers/Vaughan)


Ph.D. Conteh, J. Sorie.
Diamond Mining and Kono Religious Institutions: A Study in Social Change. (Schneider)
Ph.D. Kano, Mamman Zakari.
Social Structure and Leadership: A Study in Rival Political Structures in Mubi, Gongola State, Nigeria, 1809-1976. ( Vaughan )
Ph.D. Hudson, Herschel C.
Cultural and Social Dimensions of North American Indians. (DeMallie)(2 vols.)
Ph.D. Fields, Brian A.
A Biological Dimension of Cultural Change: Dental Microevolution in a Prehistoric Amerindian Context. ( Vaughan )
M.A. Shepard, John.
Letting the Stones Speak: Epistemology and Social Theory. (DeMallie & Karp)
Ph.D. Droessler, Judith B.
Change and Continuity: Biocultural Interaction at the Late Woodland-Mississippian Interface. (Cook)
Ph.D. Park, Michael Alan.
Dermatoglyphics as a Tool for Population Studies: An Example. (Meier)
M.A. Makreas, Mary Ellen.
Cretan Dance: The Meaning of Kefi and Figoures. (Royce)
Ph.D. Ellovich, Risa S.
Adaptations to the Urban Setting: Dioula Women in Gagnoa, Ivory Coast. (Schneider)
Ph.D. Bunte, Pamela Ann.
Problems in Southern Paiute Syntax and Semantics. ( Kendall )
Ph.D. Feld, Steven.
Sound and Sentiment: Birds, Weeping, Poetics, and Song in Kaluli Expression. ( Kendall )
Ph.D. Harwell, Henry O.
Maricopa Origins: An Ethnohistorical Approach to a Riverine Yuman Community. (DeMallie)
Ph.D. Schultz, Emily A.
Ethnic Identity and Cultural Commitment: A Study of the Process of Fulbeization in Guider, Northern Cameroon. ( Vaughan )