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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

M.A. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations: 1960-1969


M.A. da Cunha, Elizabeth Herrala.
The Incidence of Dental Caries and Alveoloclasta in a Number of Prehistoric and Historic American Indian Groups of the Middle West.
M.A. Faulkner, Charles H.
An Archaeological Survey of Marshall County, Indiana (Kellar)
M.A. Layng, Anthony T.
Prospects for Acculturation of N.Y. City 's Puerto Rican Population (Driver)
M.A. Moore, Bruce R.
A Statistical Morpho-Syntactic Study of Colorado (Chibcha).
M.A. Morris, Patrick G.
The Deme and Its Varieties. (Driver)
M.A. Pyne, Charles H.
Avoidance Customs: A Cross-Cultural Study.


M.A. Bhavichitra, Chamrieng.
Thai Marriage and Family. (Driver) (June)
M.A. Dhamabutra, Chalermiri.
The Anamistic Beliefs and Practices.
M.A. Faust, Richard D.
The Physical and Cultural Relationships of a Late Woodland Group of the Wabash Valley.
M.A. Furlow, Richard H.
The Diet and Nutrition of North American and African Tribes: A Comparative Study. (Driver)
M.A. Jaquith, James R.
Bibliography of Anthropological Bibliographies of the Americas.(Driver)
Ph.D. Johnston, Richard B.
Southern Ontario Point Peninsula Woodland in Northeastern Prehistory. (Gebhard)
Ph.D. Maxwell, Thomas J.
Las Poincianas: A Puerto Rican Housing Project. (Driver) (June)
Ph.D. Neumann, Holm W.
The American Negro: His Origins and His Present Status as a Hybrid or Secondary Race. (Neumann) (June)


Ph.D. de Delgado, Hildegard Schmidt.
Aboriginal Guatamalan Handweaving and Costume. (Driver) (January)
M.A. Holden, John C.
Paleolithic Handprints. (Gebhard)
Ph.D. Schwartz, Lola R.M.
Morality Conflict and Violence in a Mexican Mestizo Village (Bidney)
M.A. Szczesniak, Andrew L.
A Brief Index of Peoples and Languages of Asiatic Russia. (Voegelin)
Ph.D. Werner, Oswald.
A Typological Comparison of Four Trader Navaho Speakers. (Voegelin)


M.A. Chapman, Florence.
The Incidence and Age Distribution Osteoparthritis in a Number of Prehistoric American Indian Populations. (Neumann)
M.A. Franke, Nick George.
The Function of the Hilltop Enclosures and Works of the Eastern United States.
M.A. Frisch, Jack Aaron.
Cognatic Kinship Organization Among the Northeast Algonkians. (Driver)
M.A. Robbins, Louise Marie.
Physical and Cultural Relationships of the Late Archaic Red Ocher People of the Illinois Valley. (Driver)
M.A. Tam, Chuian Kai.
The Miao People of South China. (Driver)
M.A. Dorwin, John.
The Paleo-Indian Occupation of Indiana. (Kellar)
M.A. Litto, Inez Maria Fonseca.
A Comparison of Crania from the Shell Heaps of Brazil with Those of the Archaic of Eastern United States.
M.A. Banayan, Azizolah.
Status in the Middle East Village. (Bidney)
M.A. Mitchell, Claudia.
Avoidance Customs in Aboriginal California. (Driver)


M.A. Adams, Renie.
A Survey of Form in the Graphic Arts of the Pueblos. (Driver))
M.A. Barry, Jeremy A.
Zimbabwe and the Early Iron Age in Rhodesia.
Ph.D. Black, Robert A.
Analysis of 81 Hopi Indian Chants. (Voegelin)
M.A. Bellis, James.
Spatial Flatness in a Number of Varieties of the American Indian. (Kellar)
M.A. Jaquith, Rose Marie.
Glossary of Kinship Organization. (Driver)
Ph.D. Jorgensen, Joseph Gilbert.
The Ethnohistory and Acculturation of the Northern Ute. (Driver)
Ph.D. Montgomery, Evelyn Ina.
Ethos and Ayllu in Coasa, Peru (Driver)
M.A. Ruff, Ray.
The Use of Infrared Radiation in Archaeology. (Kellar)
M.A. Segal, Edwin.
Conflict in British West Africa: An Exploratory Study. (Driver)
M.A. Skomp, David.
Racial Continuity in the American Southwest: An Examination of Carter Ranch Pueblo Physical Relationships.
M.A. Smail, Kenneth.
The Use of Female Crania in Demonstrating Racial Relationships. (Neumann)


M.A. Abu-Hassan, Mohammed.
The Jordan Legal System and the Scientific Evidence. (Neumann)
M.A. Bieder, Walter.
A Quantitative Approach to Eskimo Folklore. (Driver)
M.A. Edwards, Charles Roy.
Origin of the Kinship System of the Surinam Bush Negro. (Merriam)
M.A. Marshall, Linda.
Medicinal Plant Ecology of the Central Algonquians. (Driver)
Ph.D. Sapaula, Crispina.
The Prestige Variable in Sociocultural Change in the Philippines: 1565 to 1898. ( (Neumann)
M.A. Hannerz, Ulf.
Identity and Network in Acculturation (Merriam)


M.A. Olorunsola, Carol Bradley.
Racial Stratification in Jamaica and the Southern United States. (Messenger)
Ph.D. Maring, Joel.
Grammar of Acoma Keresan. (June) (Voegelin)
M.A. Fulmer, Gretchen Brook.
An Ethnohistory Study of the Kansa Indians From the Time of First European Contact Until the Present. (Driver/Kellar)
M.A. Waldman, Cheryl Gruber.
Stature and Its Reconstruction in Prehistorical American Indian Material, with special Reference to a Middle Mississippi Series. (Neumann)
Ph.D. Saksena, Sudha.
A Morphological Assessment of Hybridization in the U.S. Negro. (Neumann)


Ph.D. Chapman, Florence E.
Osteophytosis in the Vertebral Column in a Number of Aboriginal American Indian Populations. (Neumann)
M.A. Sonenschein, David W.
Patterns of Homosexual Friendships. (Bidney)
M.A. Thayer, James E.
The Chad Republic, The Sara and Related Tribes. ( Vaughan )
Ph.D. Staffa, Susan Jane.
Medieval Cairo: A Socio-Cultural Study of an Historic Urban Center of the Near East. (Bidney)
M.A. Alexander, Ralph.
Racial Affiliations of the Tutelo, An Eastern Siouan Tribe.
Ph.D. Robbins, Louise M.
The Identification of the Prehistoric Shawnee Indians—A Description of the Fort Ancient Aspect. (Driver)
Ph.D. Obermeyer, Gerald J.
Structure and Authority in a Bedouin Tribe: The 'Aishaibat of the Western Desert of Egypt. (Bidney)
Ph.D. Variakojis, Danguole Jurate.
Concepts of Secular and Sacred Among the White Mountain Apache as Illustrated by Musical Practice. (Merriam)
M.A. Frohn, Donald R.
Social Patterning of Mental Illness: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. (Merriam)


Ph.D. Jaquith, James R.
Alphabet and Speech: A Study of the Relations Between Graphic and Phonological Symbolism. (Driver)
M.A. Cartwright, Phyllis.
The Diminution of Authority and Status Among the Arawaks of Guyana. (Neumann)
Ph.D. Kiefer, Thomas M.
Tausug Armed Conflict: The Social Organization of Military Activity in a Philippine Moslem Society. (June) ( Vaughan )
Ph.D. Maring, Ester G.
The Religio-Political Organization, Customary Law and Values of the Acoma (Keresan) Pueblo Indians: A Study in Acculturation and Social Control. (Bidney)
Ph.D. Grindal, Bruce T.
Education and Culture Change Among the Sisala of Northern Ghana. (Merriam)
M.A. Schmidt, Elizabeth B.
Education for Change: Methods, Problems and Results. ( Vaughan )