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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

M.A. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations: 1949-1959


M.A. Adams, William Richard.
Faunal Remains from the Angel Site.
M.A. Dragoo, Donald Wayne.
Origins of the Adena Culture. (Black)


M.A. Castro, Elias Adis.
The Racial Relationships of the Dominica Caribs.
M.A. Curry, Hilda Jane.
Negative Painted Pottery of Angel Mounds Site and Its Distribution in the New World.
M.A. Esch, Lynd J.
A Report on Excavations at the Cahone Site in 1948. (Gebhard)
M.A Hickerson, Harold.
Elements of Bride-Wealth Practices in East Africa. (Driver and Herzog)
M.A. Hickerson, Nancy Parrott.
The Institution of Slavery in Societies of North-Western North America. (Driver and Herzog)
M.A. Schutzel, Ann Ruth.
A Comparative Analysis of Law Among the Cheyenne and Yurok. (Driver)
M.A. Turner, Glen.
List of South American Indian Languages. (Voegelin)
M.A. Warren, Charles P.
Central African Folktales. (Herzog)


M.A. Hammond, Frances
Turner Girls' Puberty Observances in South America.
M.A. Helmen, Vernon R.
The Cultural Affiliations and Relationships of the Oliver Farm Site, Marion County, Indiana. (Neumann)
M.A. Schweinsberger, Richard A.
Family Social Structure and Functions of the Muskhogean Indians of Southeastern United States. (Driver)


M.A. Kaufman, Howard Keva.
Cheyenne Indian Music and Its Cultural Background.
M.A. Pierce, Joe E.
Degree of Linguistic Relationships Among the Shawnee, Kickapoo, Ojibwa, and Sauk-and-Fox. (Voegelin)


M.A. Blasingham, Emily Jane.
Temporal and Spatial Distribution of the Yankeetown Cultural Manifestation.
M.A. Camp, Charles Macleod.
The Musical Bow in Southern Africa. (Driver)
M.A. Harris, Barbara Dean.
Comparative Social Organization of the Western Eskimo and Aleut.
M.A. Kaschube, Dorothea V.
Comparative Social Structure of the Siberian Americanoids. (Voegelin) (June)
M.A. Kellar, James H.
The Atlatl in North America.
Ph.D. Esch, Lynd J.
A Study of theReliability of Cultural Evidences for Archaeological-Ethnological Cultural Continuities in the Eastern United States. (Gebhard) (June)


M.A. Huelsman, Benjamin R.
Racial Differentiation in Siberia and its Relationship to the Problem of Peopling of the New World. (Neumann)
M.A. Hymes, Virginia Wolff.
Athapaskan Numeral Systems. (Driver)
M.A. Longbons, John R.
Political Organization of Central California Indians. (Driver)
Ph.D. Hickerson, Harold.
Social and Economic Organization in a Guiana Village. (Driver and Herzog)
Ph.D. Voegelin, Florence M. (Robinett).
Hidatsa Grammar. (Voegelin)


M.A. Markotiv, Vladimir.
Glottochronology as the Method and the Slavic Languages. (Herzog) (June)
M.A. Munn, Nancy D.
Religious Symbols in Primitive Cultures and their Significance for a Theory of Art. (Bidney) (September)
M.A. Raibourn, Downey.
The Direction of Social Change in Central California. (Driver)(August)
M.A. Saran, Anirudha Behari.
Ethnography of Tehri-Garhwal (A Himalayan District in India ). (June)
M.A. Sarbescu, Sam Walter.
The Northwest Coast and Plateau Mortuary Complex and its Cultural Background. (Driver)
M.A. Wadia, Maneck S.
Tesuque—A Study in Acculturation. (Driver)
Ph.D. Kaufman, Howard Keva.
Bangkhuad—A Community Study in Thailand.


M.A. Newbern, Francis Robert.
The South China Boat People. (June) (Driver)
Ph.D. Blasingham, Emily Jane.
The Illinois Indians, 1634-1800, A Study in Depopulation. (Gebhard)
Ph.D. Kellar, James H.
The C.L. Lewis Stone Mound and the Stone Mound Problem in Eastern United States Prehistory.


M.A. Johnston, Richard B.
The Physical Relationship of Certain Middle Mississippi and Southeastern Groups. (Gebhard)
Ph.D. Dragoo, Donald Wayne.
Archaic Cultures of the Upper Ohio Valley. (Black)
Ph.D. Hickerson, Nancy Parrott.
An Acoustic Analysis of Shawnee Speech. (Driver and Herzog)
Ph.D. Pierce, Joe E.
A Statistical Study of New World Languages. (Voegelin)
Ph.D. Wadia, Maneck Sorabji.
Tesuque—A Community Study in Acculturation. (Driver)
Ph.D. Yegerlehner, John F.
Phonology and Morphology (Voegelin)


Ph.D. DePena, Joan J.
Standards of Growth and Development for Puerto Rican Children. (Neumann)
Ph.D. Pettay, Louanna.
The Morphological Aspects of the Skull in Mongolism. (Neumann) #45
Ph.D. Turner, Glen D.
Jivaro Phonology and Morphology. (Voegelin)


M.A. Burnor, Duane R.
A Comparative Enculturation Study of the Crow, Navajo, and Ojibwa. (Neumann) (June)
Ph.D Grollig, Francis (S.J.)
San Miguel Acatan, Huehuetenango, Guatemala: A Modern Maya Village. (Driver) (June)
Ph.D. Mickey, Barbara H.
The Mazahua of Cabecera de los Indigenes: An Example of Nuclear Social Structure. (Driver) (June)
M.A. Devereux, John D.
Social Organization and Land Tenure among Canadian Indians.
Ph.D. Kaschube, Dorthea V.
Structural Elements of Crow. (Voegelin)
Ph.D. McMichael, Edward V.
The Anatomy of Tradition: A Study of Southeastern Stamped Pottery. (Black)
M.A. Neumann, Holm W.
The Delimitation of the Walcolid Variety of Men. (Neumann)
M.A. Omoto, Constance.
The Identification of a Prehistoric Indian Skeletal Series from Will County, Illinois.
Ph.D. West, LaMont Jr.
The Sign Language: An Analysis. (Voegelin)
M.A. Young, Joseph W.
The Physical Affiliations of B-22 the Durkam Stone Mound People. (Neumann)