C O N N E C T,  C O M M U N I C A T E,  C O L L A B O R A T E.  Now you can access all the social media accounts for Indiana University in one convenient directory. Follow the feeds and social networks listed here to stay on top of all the news, information and buzz taking place around the university.

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Name YouTube Google Plus LinkedIn Blog Vimeo Flickr Pinterest Instagram
Indiana UniversityYouTubeGoogle PlusLinkedInBlog  PinterestInstagram
IPFWYouTubeGoogle PlusLinkedInBlog FlickrPinterestInstagram
IU BloomingtonYouTubeGoogle PlusLinkedInBlog  PinterestInstagram
IU EastYouTubeGoogle PlusLinkedInBlog Flickr Instagram
IU KokomoYouTube   VimeoFlickr Instagram
IU NorthwestYouTubeGoogle PlusLinkedIn  Flickr Instagram
IU South BendYouTube LinkedInBlog   Instagram
IU SoutheastYouTubeGoogle PlusLinkedIn  FlickrPinterestInstagram
IUPUCYouTubeGoogle Plus     Instagram
IUPUIYouTubeGoogle PlusLinkedIn  Flickr Instagram