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Ph.D. Minor

Ph.D. Minor in European Studies

Requirements include 12-15 credits distributed as listed below:

  • one approved graduate course in European History (3-4 cr)
  • one approved graduate course in European Politics or the European Union(3cr)
  • one approved graduate course on Europe in the world (3-4 cr)
  • one approved WEUR W605 seminar or cross-listed equivalent on the literature/culture from the student's area of specialization (3-4 cr)
  • LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT: reading knowledge of at least one approved European language

NOTE: no more than 3 of 12 credit hours may be in readings (WEUR W805) or research (WEUR W875). Only 4 credits may be taking from the student's major discipline.


Students seeking information about the minor and its degree requirements or enrollment should contact the European Studies office.